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Buy the Apple Watch? We give you 5 good reasons!

If you're hesitating to buy the Apple Watch, which starts at 399 euros in the sport version, here's what you need to decide.

Apple Watch: sports coach

If the primary use of this watch is to promote sports, you might as well look into it. The Apple Watch is indeed equipped to track your sports performance: heart rate monitor and accelerometer. Two chips that allow you to have your heart rate, the number of steps or the distance traveled. If it seems like nothing, these statistics turn into a great coach that encourages you to surpass yourself. Having tested it while jogging, cycling, playing soccer and working out, the Apple Watch quickly becomes indispensable in these conditions. Not only do you track your performance (and collect medals via the Activité application) but you keep an eye on your texts, emails, notifications and you can change your music easily. Moreover, by investing in a Bluetooth headset, you also do without the often misplaced wire. Last but not least, the Watch tells you the time and alerts you when your workout is halfway or over (via the Exercise application, of course).


Apple Watch: professional assistant

The potential of the Apple Watch is just as good in the professional world. Whether it's not disturbing colleagues in a meeting or keeping track of important emails, the wearable does it wonderfully thanks to two features: taptic feedback that makes the iPhone's vibration look like a dinosaur and the deportation of your iPhone notifications to the small screen on your wrist. Yes, the vibration emitted on your skin is subtle, discreet and effective. If you have checked the box "distinct vibrations" in the settings of the watch, you will quickly know if it is a text message, an email or a notification without even lifting the wrist. It's a great way to avoid disturbing your colleagues during meetings. What is even more important is the preservation of your private life because the consultation is more intimate. And if you're ever afraid of being read, don't raise your arm or flip it over, the watch turns off automatically. In the blink of an eye, you can consult everything: mail, sms, notifications etc. You can respond briefly if necessary or often do nothing. The time saving is enormous compared to taking out your iPhone. Finally, we filter naturally and we are less distracted. If you also use applications like Trello, Wunderlist or Slack in collaborative mode, the Apple Watch is even more essential. Personally, I find it hard to switch back to classic watches because of this.


Apple Watch: k2000-style remote control

If it is still in its infancy, home automation makes sense on an Apple Watch. We find for example Phillips that already allows to control its HUE bulbs, BMW, Volvo or Tesla that open their cars, hotels that abandon the room keys or AirPlay speakers controllable with the fingertip. With HomeKit coming to Apple, we'll see the field of possibilities expand. No more wasting time looking for your remote control or keys.


Apple Watch: very social

Another advantage of the Apple watch: social networks. Are you addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger and more? Your watch will give you the essentials and the ability to respond quickly. You won't miss a message, you won't have an excuse either. Be careful, however, to set up the notifications in the applications in question and on your watch (via the Apple Watch application on the iPhone) so as not to find yourself under pressure, bombarded from all sides. The watch then becomes like alcohol: consume with moderation. I didn't mention Tinder and other dating apps, but obviously it's also interesting for singles.


Apple Watch: on two wheels (motorcycle or bike)

Last medal for the Watch: hands-free on two wheels (even in the car). For GPS guidance, reading and answering a text message or searching for a restaurant (just ask Siri), the Watch still works wonders. Being on a motorcycle every day, the guidance is more than appreciable with indications of your next turn and the distance to it. The visual indication complements the voice guidance via an earpiece in the helmet. Apple Watch: always on time Bonus: if you don't have a watch and you are not punctual, this can also be a good reason.


To finish this fake test (but real experience), the Apple Watch is not indispensable but will prove to be an excellent companion in the cases mentioned above. Don't worry about the battery (the autonomy is more than enough), the relative fragility (it's like a classic watch) or the show-off aspect that some people claim. If all the watches have the same performance, you should know that the steel and sapphire version is really more elegant than the Sport model. You can appreciate the Watch over time with little details that you can't find on a Moto 360 or a Pebble (which I also tested before) like your iPhone that doesn't ring when you receive a message if you wear your watch. I'll let you discover all this if you decide to take the plunge.


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